Welcome to psychologist.uk   Our team of experts uses extensive and varied skills and wide experience to help people of all ages, individuals, families, schools, colleges, universities, employers, advisors, agents, statutory and voluntary services, organisations and the Courts.

A-card: How you can ask for help in a crisis!

With the A-card, disabled people, including dyslexics, can ask for help if they are arrested. Keep an A-card in your pocket. Copies are available by post or download.  . . . More

Assessment: How we help you know yourself better.

Our team can help you to build a profile of your skills and abilities. We can help you understand and use your strengths to overcome or avoid difficulties and barriers.  . . . More

PsychoBabblePlus: Interpret reports & make plans.

You want to know what a psychologist's report means. You then need to obtain the right kind of help. The first booklet in this series looks at meeting children's needs . . . More

Psychologists as Expert Witnesses: Some Facts.

A report from the National Centre for Applied Psychology can clear confusion about the role of psychologists as expert witnesses . . . More

Telephone and email: Brief FREE consultation.

Before you pay anyone for assessment, resources or support we can talk through your concerns. We help you work out what to do next and what it might cost . . . More

Legal, employment, education: services offered.

We report and give evidence to Courts on disabilities understanding ability and capacity. We give employers and educators practical advice on how to meet needs . . . More