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As well as the training and coaching services outlined in another section on this website, we also offer a series of assessment, advice and support services for adults in employment, at university and the post-16 age group in employment, training and Further Education.

Expert Witness Reports & Support

For those who are involved with the court system, we can prepare expert witness reports (see the 'Legal' section of this website). We can help with other issues, such as providing advice on procedures as well as help with understanding the wording of legal documents and other communications.

Intervention Programs

We provide advice on how best to deal with any issues identified, and can help develop a complete intervention program if required. We can help deal with other professionals or organisations such as employers, examination boards or agencies. We have specialist knowledge of assistive technology and ICT resources and can provide advice on appropriate resources and suppliers if necessary.

± Adults in Education

± Adults in Employment

± Adults and the Legal System

± Adults and Special Needs