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Expert Witness Psychologists

A report from the National Centre for Applied Psychology has attempted to clear up many of the inaccuracies and misrepresentations contained within a report by Professor Ireland. Professor Ireland's report may have caused confusion for many regarding the role of psychologists as expert witnesses. The NCAP report notes that Professor Ireland's report ignores the wide variety of relevant and valid professional practice undertaken by professional applied psychologists in the commercial, not-for-profit and charitable sectors. They also conclude that "As with all expert witnesses, the nature of the current practice required of a psychologist working as an expert witness will depend on the nature of the expertise required to advise the Court on the specifics of the case in question". The complete document is available here.

We can offer variety of services to those involved with the legal system. Reports for courts, tribunals or hearings on a range of issues can be presented, as can assessments using well-validated and reliable measures supported by current literature and research. Usually we deal in the first instance with the legal representatives or solicitors involved as these are in the best position to make judgements on the appropriateness of the services we offer. On occasion, we are also in the position of helping clients when we find that their situation needs to be dealt with by the legal system, and we can often recommend a firm of solicitors with the appropriate expertise or experience.

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We have the following five leaflets available in print and pdf formats outlining the Expert Witness Services we can provide in a five specific areas along with the covering letter we use to put these leaflets in context. The links below can be used to download the pdf's. These downloads can also be accessed from our "publications" section here.

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