Personal Injury

Evidence gathered to determine the level of psychological trauma, the intellectual and functional consequences of an accident or event can be used to create Expert Witness reports for use in Civil proceedings, in Appeals at Employment Tribunals and elsewhere. Reports can be prepared to inform future strategies and plans, learning and development, support and therapy for the direct benefit of the client.

Our highly qualified and experienced team can help with:

Our assessment reports will include descriptions of strengths and difficulties, behaviours and performance before, at the time of, and since the event. Treatment resources and interventions will be recommended and their delivery can be arranged or indicated as appropriate.


In preparation for a claim for damages we use forensic approaches to help identify and compare the psychological and intellectual changes and consequences of an accident. Our work uses validated and respected best practice and is based on many years of assessment and reporting experience:

We can provide edited versions of our reports to help the client achieve success in the future.

You can download our free Personal Injury Services Leaflet in pdf format here.