Diagnostic Assessment

Assessment Results & Reports

We can carry out assessments to meet most requirements of our clients, from intellectual functioning, through literacy and learning styles, to emotional and behavioural understanding and development. The approaches used will depend on the questions to be answered and on the context within which the assessment is required. As a general process, we try to clarify and establish the roles of those involved and then to identify specific abilities, impairments and tendencies. On the basis of the testing process we recommend certain strategies and plan interventions based on the analysis of information gathered.

In most areas, our assessment will look at the nature of the client's strengths and weaknesses. Although we produce assessments for a wide variety of purposes and people in a wide variety of situations, we feel strongly that these should not be seen as attempts to list weaknesses but as opportunities to identify areas where more resources will help individuals perform more closely to their optimal ability. It is also an opportunity to identify the particular strengths of the individual and enhance their ability to reach their full potential in all areas of life and functioning.

In some cases the information we gather will be sufficient for us to make a diagnosis of a specific condition according to generally accepted criteria. There will also be times where we do not find enough evidence to fully support a clear diagnosis. It may be that the evidence points to some other condition. It may be that some further gathering of information, by way of further assessment, observations or investigations, will be needed, perhaps over a longer period of time. We will always discuss with you how we feel you should proceed and what we feel may be the possible outcomes.