Special Educational Needs

Educational Opportunities

Education is seen by many as a key to future success and achievement for our children. However, there are children with disabilities or special needs who find it more difficult to benefit from the range of opportunities and resources available within the education system. All children should have opportunities to learn, play and develop alongside each other, and especially within their local community of schools. The services we provide can help both teachers and parents or carers to maximise the benefits such children receive from the educational system, as well as helping them to support these children in other areas of their lives and activities.

Overcoming Difficulties

We have a range of assessment tools we can use in identifying specific deficits in learning abilities and our experienced staff can also help identify possible future developmental difficulties which may be associated with existing problems. We can also help in the design of intervention programmes and have a range of resources, techniques and strategies which we can use to help teachers and carers to implement actions for the benefit of the child. Over the years we have developed a particular interest and expertise in the use of computer-based hardware and software systems which can benefit the child in a number of ways.