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Our organisation has a number of branches which have for many years provided a variety of independent psychological services, with a special focus on educational psychology issues within the education system. We have access to a wide range of assessment and evaluation tools and a series of well-validated and reliable tests which we can apply in most circumstances and situations. We have had many years of experience in assessing and dealing with a wide range of disabilities and difficulties and how these will affect the development and learning of the client. Our particular area of interest and expertise is in the use of assistive technology, including the use of hardware and software-based systems, to support independent learning.

Our work also involves reporting to the court system, and giving expert witness testimonies. We provide advice and reports to a variety of parties in the legal system, based on our independent and unbiased conclusions developed from information available at the time of delivery. Where possible, this will involve in-depth assessments using a range of appropriate tools and techniques which have a valid academic basis, and a proven practical application.

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