Terms & Conditions

Terms of Business:

Our general terms of business are set out below. We issue a specific set of terms for each estimate provided. Please note that work which has not been completed within two months will then become subject to our current terms of business.


We prefer to undertake all assessments in an environment that is familiar to you, usually your home, place of study or work. We generally give you an appointment date immediately and will be able to let you know when we expect our report to be completed.


We provide reports tailored to their purpose, including specific advice on how to approach the tasks, activities and situations which you might be expected to meet. This can be aimed at shaping the guidance and tuition you need for learning, the access arrangements you might need for examinations, the resources by way of equipment, training and support you might need during your course and what adjustments, arrangements or support might be needed to help you in employment. We will give you copies of our report to pass to those who need them.


We charge for the time we spend working for you, including consultation and report writing, together with travel or other costs. After first speaking with you we will be able to estimate the time needed and the likely cost, including travel and other expenses, of undertaking the assessment and producing the report. We ask for a deposit from new clients and offer a substantial prompt payment discount to individual and regular clients.

Working Through Others:

We accept referrals from schools, colleges, universities, LEAs, employers, solicitors and others acting on behalf of our clients. In most cases, the referrer provides background information, makes appointments, acts on the report and arranges payment.


All of our work is subject to VAT except where it meets the HMRC criteria as 'promoting the health and well-being of the individual' which is exempt from VAT. Court reports and reports for employment and 'administrative' purposes are not exempt.


We accept payment by VISA or Master Card, Delta or Credit Card or personal cheque for all deposits and final balances. Cash is generally discouraged for security reasons! Payment by PayPal can be accepted in some circumstances, just ask for details. We do not, at present, accept payment by Amex or Diners Cards or by RBS World Pay.


Unless stated in the specific Terms of Business sent to you with our estimate, we generally invoice at the time we send our final report. Where the work being undertaken extends beyond a month, we will issue interim invoices at monthly intervals.

Settlement is required within 30 days except where we have offered a concessionary rate. In this case payment, proof of entitlement is required within seven days of our invoice or an invoice at our current full rate will be issued for immediate payment. Late payment invoices will be issued after 30 days and at monthly intervals thereafter.

We reserve the right to place unsettled accounts in the hands of debt collection agents or the courts.