I really enjoyed your presentation at the recent Autism Show in Manchester. You really clarified many issues and answered many questions for me and gave me a new perspective on the importance of the initial evaluation/assessment.

Your very engaging presentation at the Autism Show was a real eye-opener for me. Although I enjoyed the whole presentation, I found your practical ideas and strategy suggestions particularly useful and hope to be able to put some of them into practice in the near future.

I want to extend the thanks of all the teachers and T.A.’s for your the entertaining and informative training session you provided at our INSET Day. The questionnaires, information sheets and suggestions you provided have given us a lot to think about, and hopefully will help us to be more confident and proactive in helping all our students, but particularly those who may be overcoming specific barriers to their learning, and to their overall school experience.

Thank you for the recent dyslexia assessment you carried out for our 9 year old son. Although he was initially quite anxious about the session, you helped him to stay relaxed and even to enjoy some parts of the assessment. Your report was very helpful. Although it pointed out some weaknesses in how he processes information, it also focused on his strengths and suggested specific strategies and actions to help him progress in school. I was especially thankful for your help with understanding the terminology involved and for your ‘jargon-buster’ handbook.

I am writing to thank you for the recent assessments you carried out on two of our pupils. The whole process was highly professional, but also personable. Although it was a lengthy and challenging procedure, the pupils were not intimidated or anxious during the testing. I feel you were very kind and attentive to the pupils needs and energy levels, and we all appreciated how you helped them throughout the day. Your advice on some of the software available to help them with their studies was particularly helpful and welcome.

Thank you for your help and support at our recent meetings and assessment sessions. Your report and list of suggestions for ways to make the most of my strengths has given me the confidence to continue in my job. Your support in my meetings with my managers mean that they are also supporting me in my job and they have even suggested that I put my name forward for a promotion within the department.