Individual Pattern Of Strengths & Weaknesses

Dyslexia is an often misunderstood term which is used to refer to a spectrum of problems which can be associated with poor literacy skills. These deficits in reading and spelling are unrelated to general ability or IQ scores. Some dyslexic individuals can benefit from specific coaching and teaching. However, if this is not appropriate to their profile of strengths and weaknesses, they will still find that their understanding of what they have read, their ability to spell and their skills in written presentation can focus on the patterns of strengths and weaknesses. It is this pattern which helps identify the resources an individual can use to develop and enhance their performance. It is important to identify strengths which help boost the often fragile self-esteem of the dyslexic.

Possible difficulties caused by dyslexia include:

Assessment Of Specific Learning Difficulties

We specialise in the assessment of specific learning difficulties, perhaps better described as specific processing difficulties or differences. Dyslexia is one such example which affects up to ten per cent of the UK population, with 2 million people affected severely. People who suffer from dyslexia have unexpected problems with learning to read and write in relation to their general ability (IQ).

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