Employment Matters

We have been providing Expert Witness assessments and reports for over 30 years. We have carried out assessments and have reported for employers, Unions, Tribunals, regulatory bodies and Courts, working in a range of settings including the client’s home, solicitors’ offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, clinics and workplaces. Where necessary, we can appear and give oral evidence to support our investigations and reports. Stress, performance issues, personal development and communications are some of the most common areas with which we deal.

We will provide detailed written reports with recommendations for support and accommodations including:

Because there is such a variety in the specific needs of individuals in the workplace, there are no hard and fast rules on what constitutes a reasonable adjustment. Fortunately many adjustments cost little, or nothing, to implement and are often a matter of seeking flexibility and developing a supportive approach to working practices.

We can provide training courses, mentors, guidelines and advice on a variety of topics.

You can download our free Employment Matters Services Leaflet in pdf format here.