Special Educational Needs

We provide assessment and advice, support and guidance to families going through the process of ensuring appropriate provision for children who have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

We undertake assessments and deliver Expert Witness reports, provide information and advice about SEN matters including:

We have particular expertise in advising and supporting young people with SEND who become “caught up” in the Criminal Justice System and face a Police Interview or Court, including their understanding, suggestibility, compliance, vulnerability and capacity to participate, instruct, plead and give evidence.


We can help monitor the progress of a child or young person and, when necessary, will provide recommendations for updating their Individual Education Plan (IEP), Statement or EHCP so it continues to deliver appropriate support for the child or young person.

Our reports can be used to support or challenge decisions on SEND provision, the process of obtaining an Education, Health & Care Plan, placement, admissions and exclusions in early years settings, primary, secondary and special schools. Our assessment reports are written primarily to support requests for provision but we always keep the Tribunal or Court in mind. We will provide information on possible resources and strategies and can provide advice and guidance for parents, families, teachers and other professionals involved with the child or young person.

You can download our free Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Services Leaflet in pdf format here.

Obtaining Support & Resources

Knowing the relevant legislation is essential so we help our clients, directly and indirectly, to obtain an accurate view of their rights and those of their children. We are not lawyers but work very closely with many of the leading legal practices to ensure that our advice and our assessment and reporting are up-to-date and appropriate. Where children and families are finding it difficult to ensure appropriate educational provision, we can provide authoritative assessment and advice on what is needed together with information and guidance on strategies for obtaining provision.