Adults In Employment

Team Development & Stress Management

There are a number of ways that psychological assessments can be relevant to an employer or an employee. When there are performance or behavioural problems with certain individuals, we can be asked to carry out assessments to identify the reasons for the problems. In other cases, an employee may be suffering unusual amounts of stress, in which case we can investigate the sources of the stress and suggest and implement programmes of stress management.

Reasonable Adjustment

Employers must be prepared to make 'reasonable adjustments' in the workplace to ensure that workers with special needs or disabilities are not at a disadvantge when doing their jobs or during the recruitment process. These changes do not have to involve high costs, and can be as simple as moving a desk, providing a ramp or a special keyboard, or just using a bigger font on printed materials. Most of our work in this regard tends to involve helping employers to assess the need for a set of 'reasonable adjustments' and providing advice on how to implement these changes. We are also often asked to provide independent reports for tribunals involving individuals with special needs or learning difficulties.