Adults In Education

Special Needs Education, Health & Care Plan

We can carry out assessments and provide help with the process for obtaining an EHCP at all levels of education, and for all age groups. If you had a statement of Special Educational Needs or EHCP while at school, you should have a 'transition plan' giving details of the support you'll need once you progress to F.E. or H.E. courses. We can provide advice on how to deal with these new learning environments and how to avail of the extra resources and opportunities at this level. If necessary, we can also help with the clarification of previous reports and communications.

Developing Strengths

We feel strongly that the emphasis in our assessments should not be solely to identify deficits, but to focus on opportunities to promote effective learning and development. We have worked with the staff at F.E. and H.E. institutions to promote understanding and to demonstrate classroom strategies that will provide the most effective learning experience for all students.