Adults And The Legal System

Special Arrangements & Fitness To Plead

There are a number of instances where we can help adults who have become involved with the legal system. Generally, we work as independent experts preparing in-depth reports for the courts, but we also provide assessments and reports for clients in other situations.For example, we offer the police, solicitors and Appropriate Adults a consultation service by telephone and in person to help them quickly identify people who are entitled to have special arrangements made before they are interviewed by the police. We can also provide advice on the needs of individuals for special arrangements during the legal process, their fitness to plead or their reliability as witnesses.

Personal Injury Claims

We can also help adults who are involved in personal injury claims by assessing the levels of impairment resulting from an accident, outlining the consequences of the injury and providing advice and guidance for subsequent treatment or support.

More Information

Please see our legal section for a more complete outline of the services we can provide.