Further Education

Transition To Further Education

If you had a statement of special educational needs or an Education, Health & Care Plan while at school, you should have a 'transition plan' giving details of the support you'll need once you leave. There will be changes in how things are organised, and there will also be additional resources, opportunities and options available. It may be that you will need to have updated assessments, or extra monitoring of progress and development. In either case, we can provide the assessments, reports and resources you require.

Assessment Techniques

Our contribution to the assessment process may be based on direct involvement with the student, or it may be drawn from information gathered in consultation with a teacher, parent or other professional. In order to supplement this, where necessary, it may also involve approaches including classroom observation, analysis of work, questionnaires, curriculum-based assessment, dynamic assessment, and measures of social-emotional factors using recognised assessment materials as appropriate.

Staff Training

We also work closely with a number of F.E. colleges by providing training, advice and sample programs for teaching and other staff. We have some standard outlines and presentations which we can provide directly in person or via internet webcasts. Alternatively, we can develop a bespoke course if you have any particular areas you would like us to cover