Getting Unstuck

The pressures of handling the extra duties and responsibilites of living with a disability can lead us to feel immobilised and unable to move forward with out lives. It is important not to get bogged down by living in the past or feeling afraid of the future. There are a number of ways to overcome this feeling of being overpowered in our lives.

One simple first step is to make a change. Almost any change will do at first. But repeating patterns of behaviour that we have used in the past will only produce the results that we have already experienced and that have brought us to where we are. One important step that many people fail to take is to get a definite diagnosis of a condition. It may be fear of what we will learn, or the worry about being labelled in some way. But it is important to focus on the benefits that such a diagnosis can bring. A clear diagnosis should also highlight strengths and opportunites, with directions for helpful resources and strategies to improve life and learning.

Another important step is to seek support. There are many individuals and organisations who can provide advice, support and sometimes simply the opportunity to express and share our worries, concerns and feelings.

A third possible step is to make the effort to find the opportunites availabe and the resources and support which are almost certainly available to help you overcome any barriers you have in your life. Discuss these opportunities with the school/college/organisation concerned and decide on a progressive series of goals to lead you to a more fulfilling life.

Although it will not always be easy, and will definitely take some effort on your part, the challenge will be worthwhile and the experience of moving forward will help motivate you to set your sights even higher and to move on even further with your life and opportunites and experiences.