Assessment and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders

We undertake detailed assessments of children, young people & adults. We have a team trained to undertake diagnostic assessments of ASDs which includes psychologists, psychiatrists, Speech & Language Therapists, Occupation Therapists and Specialist Teachers/Tutors. We are happy to see children, young people & adults at home and in other settings including nurseries, schools and colleges. We can help prepare for, attend and contribute to meetings, Court, Tribunal and other forums. We will always explain our findings and advice in order to help resolve concerns and achieve positive outcomes.

We use a wide range of assessment tools and approaches to identify and understand the needs of children, young people and adults who find difficulty with aspects of learning and life.

Our reports on children, young people and adults may cover range of issues where these are relevant and likely to be of help:


We help guide families through the information gathering, assessment and decision-making stages of the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) identification process up to and beyond the production of an Education Health and Care plan (EHC plan).

We work to current guidance, regulations and Codes of Practice. We always endeavour to provide information and practical guidance that can help the client now and in the future.

We can help monitor the progress and, when necessary, will provide recommendations for expectations, outcomes, objectives and Individual Education Plans (IEPs) so appropriate programmes of support and provision are delivered for the child or young person.

Our reports can be used to support or challenge decisions on SEND provision, EHC planing, placement, admissions and exclusions, whether in early years settings, primary, secondary or special schools and in FE placements.

Our assessment reports are written with the expectation that they will be used to support requests for provision so we always keep the possibility of Tribunal or Court in mind. We will provide information on possible strategies and can provide advice and guidance for parents, families, teachers and other professionals involved with the child or young person.

We can provide training on SEND procedures, Keyworking, Early Support, Education Health & Care plans and other aspects of assessment, provison, review and support relating to SENDs.

You can download our free Autism Spectrum Disorder Leaflet in pdf format here, as well as some further information on our ADOS autism diagnosis service here.