Psychological Advice

Although the bulk of our work involves dealing directly with clients by carrying out assessments, developing intervention programs and then monitoring and advising on future action, we are often called on to provide advice to parents, teachers or other professionals who are dealing with a situation unfamiliar to them. This can range from teachers concerned about problem behaviour and parents worried about the child's progress through to professionals observing an apparent lack of behavioural control. In an employment situation an employer and employee may be trying to develop an understanding of what constitutes reasonable adjustment for a particular disability affecting an individual at work.

Professional Service

Such situations can be confusing for anyone dealing with them for the first time. Clients can be assured that our many years of experience in assessing, supporting and monitoring such problem areas will result in a thoroughly professional approach. Our report will be well-grounded in theory and law as well as being pragmatic, practical and comprehensible to the non-specialist individual.

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