Apprenticeships and Training

Apprenticeships and Specific Needs

Apprenticeships are are being promotied and developed as a way to progress in work and life and to improve the skills base available to a wide range of businesses. They are intended to be available for people of all ages and backgrounds. The practical matters of where a young person is going to find an apprenticeship that can cater for their special needs is not always so clear. If you have a disability, you may need extra support to help you successfully complete your apprenticeship. Apprenticeships should be accessible to all people, from all backgrounds, and no-one who can undertake an apprenticeship should be prevented from doing so.

The college or training provider should have staff members responsible for supporting disabled apprentices and you should be able to have a confidential discussion with them about your particular needs.You might also need to discuss with your employer the best way of supporting you in the workplace. Colleges, training providers and employers have a legal duty to make reasonable adjustments for apprentices with specific needs. This duty aims, as far as reasonable, to ensure all employees have the same access to everything they need for doing and keeping their job.

Reasonable Adjustments

Many adjustments can be made at low or no cost to your training provider and/or employer. Help is available to assess what adjustments may be necessary for you to do your job and to complete your course of training. Support can include many different things, for example:

Unfortunately, the process of undertaking an apprenticeship is not always as straightforward as it should be. With our wide range of experience in dealing with these issues we are ideally placed to help you sort out any problems you may be experiencing and to help you receive the support to which you are entitled.