Pre-school & Nursery

Early Diagnosis

Members of our team have experience of working with parents of very young children. In the case of children who may have special needs or a disability, it is important to begin the process of gathering information as soon as possible. While practical support is always essential, it may not be possible to give an immediate and certain diagnosis. This may lead to your child being assessed for an Education, Health and Care Plan. If information is gathered and documented early, this can lead to a smoother process.

Early Support

For most children, any difficulty expressed in infancy is likely to be resolved with the kinds of intervention and support available locally. People such as your health visitor are the first line of the services which you can call for help. They will know where to go and who to see in your locality in order to deal with the most common difficulties.

You may feel you need a second opinion or you may find that referral to psychological services locally has a lengthy waiting list. In such cases we would be pleased to discuss with you how we might help.