Recruitment & Development

There are a number of ways that psychological assessments can be relevant to an employer or an employee. Psychological evaluations can be used to make decisions on appointments or promotions at certain levels of an organisation. They can also be used in coaching or mentoring situations, when a senior manager needs extra information on how best to approach the mentoring role. In both these situations, any assessment is likely to involve a combination of valid and reliable 'paper and pencil' tests, as well as a series of interviews.

Performance & Behaviour

However, there are other situations where our services are likely to be called on. When there are performance or behavioural problems with certain individuals, we can be asked to carry out assessments to identify the reasons for the problems. It may be that there are learning difficulties or impairments involved, in which case we can suggest a set of 'reasonable adjustments' based on the results of our tests. In other cases, an employee may be suffering unusual amounts of stress, in which case we can investigate the sources of the stress and suggest and implement programmes of stress management.

Psychologically Valid & Reliable Evaluations

In the varied situations in which we can become involved with organisations, valid, reliable and carefully applied assessments are the basis for all our reports and recommendations.