Adult Assessment & Advice

What we are able to offer you

Registered Educational Psychologists

We have Chartered Educational Psychologists experienced in the assessment of a wide range of disabilities and difficulties that can affect learning. We specialise in the assessment of specific learning difficulties (perhaps better described as specific processing difficulties or differences) such as dyslexia or dyspraxia and overlapping difficulties such as attention deficit and Asperger syndrome. Our team also has considerable knowledge of assistive technology especially the use of computers to support independent learning.

Diagnostic Assessment and Advice:

Assessment by an educational psychologist usually includes a full intellectual assessment which can provide a profile of your abilities to help identify areas of strength and weakness. This takes about three hours and usually includes the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS 3UK), the Wide Range Assessment Test (WRAT3), the Dyslexia Adult Screening Test (DAST) and an interview to explore your experiences, concerns and needs.

Updating Previous Assessments:

Many adults will have had their needs identified and met while they were at school or college. However, you may need to update the assessment after a few years to identify your changing needs, to advise on how to cope with different expectations, and to satisfy the requirements for examinations or when applying for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). If you have a copy of an earlier psychologist's report, we can undertake a review of your needs, focusing on the changes since the earlier report. This usually takes about an hour of testing and interview.

Equipment & Training Needs:

Our team can make assessments and give recommendations on any specialist equipment and training needed to help meet your needs. This assessment can be undertaken at the same time as diagnostic or updating assessments, saving time and cost.