Asking For Help

Being arrested by the police is a very difficult experience for anyone. It can be very hard to explain what you need calmly and clearly with so much going on and when you are not in control.

People who have a disability are entitled to support to make sure that they are treated fairly. The A-cards can help you ask for support without you getting confused and upset. The A-cards are business card sized so they can be kept in your wallet. The cards tell the police and lawyers that you have a disability and need support if you are questioned. These A-cards can also help make sure that people understand you are asking for what you need.

Know What You Need

Disabled people don't always want to admit their disability, for lots of very good reasons. There may be too many other things to do during a crisis so thinking about what you need BEFORE the crisis means that there should be one less thing to cause problems later.

Get Your A-Cards Here!

Contact us and we will post you some A-cards and leaflets explaining how to use them.

You can download and print out your own copies here in pdf format. There are two sheets for the back and front of the cards, so most printers will need to have the sheets fed through twice.

Dyslexia Version
Dyspraxia Version

Police and lawyers can call 077 9988 7984 at any time for a brief FREE consultation when someone who has a disability has been arrested. Click here for a HelpSheet.